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Guatemalan Maya in the USA Today:

Several hundred thousand Guatemalan Maya, perhaps half a million or more, emigrated from Guatemala to the United States and now reside throughout the land; north to south and east to west, in cities, towns, and countryside. If acknowledged to be Native Americans they would add greatly to the American indigenous peoples of the United States.  If counted as a single group, rather than by language groups, the Maya population would be larger than the Navajo or the Cherokee.  Nonetheless, Maya immigrants and their children have become increasingly settled in the USA.  Although the majority of the first generation Maya arrived without authorized immigration papers, and many remain without authorization, thousands of Maya during the last few decades have obtained some form of authorized residency, and increasing numbers are becoming citizens. In addition, several decades of children have been born of Maya heritage in the United States; thus becoming under constitutional law automatic US citizens. The MHCP has researched and created maps that help us to visualize concentrations of Maya in the US. As the available data does not indicate whether Guatemalans are of Maya descent or not, we have based our estimates largely by using the 50% rule to reflect the 50% Maya population in the nation state of Guatemala.

Maya USA Demographic Maps

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